Fronted launches on Yobota's core banking platform


Fronted launches on Yobota's core banking platform

Rental deposit fintech’s partnership with Yobota will enable Fronted to expand its offerings…

Redefine Your Business: Innovate your Insurance Processes to Unlock New Sources of Revenue with Tech

In 2020, Covid-19 made it difficult to remain forward thinking – your priorities were forced to take a backseat to the more immediate concerns of your customer.

As we emerge from the pandemic and begin to look again towards the future, it is clear that the world has been rewritten. Your technology needs to adapt as a result, or face becoming obsolete.

Join Martha Frye (Senior Vice President Claims, Nationwide), Tom Warden (Chief Data and Analytics Officer, Employers) and Gary Smith (Vice President Strategy, Blue Prism) to learn how do carriers keep up with the changing requirements of technology in a post-pandemic world?

Here’s what you can learn by tuning into our webinar:

• Redefining Digital: Keep speed with the pace of digital innovation in the insurance community using the automation and communication tools that the most profitable digital thought-leaders employ to stay ahead of their competitors.

• Redefining Workflow: Discover how tech can make your work cycle faster and more efficient. Using the right mix of technologies, you can streamline your claims processes, giving you extra time to keep increasing your revenue.

• Redefining Automation: Avoid the redundant automation tools that are swarming the market discover which ones will free up your staff to focus on their jobs without the distraction of needless repetitive tasks.

ATPESC 2021 1.7 An Introduction to Habana AI Processors Sree Ganesan

Presented at the Argonne Training Program on Extreme-Scale Computing 2021.

Slides for this presentation are available at:

Qualcomm-Renault Partnership – Episode 146 – Six Five Podcast

Qualcomm-Renault Partnership

Disclaimer: This show is for information and entertainment purposes only. While we will discuss publicly traded companies on this show. The contents of this show should not be taken as investment advice.

Learning and Machines: AI and Fintech at the Bank of England with Louise Eggett | WIRED Smarter

In this talk, Louise Eggett is the Head of the Bank of England’s Fintech Hub explores Fintech and AI and how the digitalisation of the economy has accelerated the use and adoption of technology across financial services.

‘AI can bring benefits to consumers, firms and the wider financial system it can increase predictive power, permit more granular classification and segmentation and capture non-linear relationships’

The Fintech Hub is a centre of expertise on how fintech developments might affect monetary and financial stability, the safety and soundness of financial firms, and the Bank’s ability to perform its operational and regulatory roles.

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