Webinar: deploying analytics at scale in financial services


Webinar: deploying analytics at scale in financial services

Speakers from AWS and Teradata will come together to speak about the challenges of deploying analytics across organisations within financial services

How to master recruiting | Mads Faurholt-Jorgensen | TEDxWarwick

For a leader to succeed, they have to be able to hire the right people for their team. In fact nothing is more important. And while leaders are told to recruit the right people, they have never been taught how to recruit the right people. That is why most leaders spend 10% of their time recruiting, 90% of their time making up for recruiting mistakes.

The result of this is huge inefficiencies, unhappy people and results below what is possible for leaders to achieve, not to mention very expensive and disruptive processes for the organisation when the wrong people are hired.

Billionaire John Caldwell once said, “If I’m lucky, I only get recruiting wrong 70% of the time”. But how is it that we accept being wrong so much of the time?

In this video, Mads Faurholt shares based on science and research, as well as having hired and managed thousands of people; frameworks, processes, and tools for how you can become a world-class recruiter today, and immediately start hiring the right people, that will enable you and your organisation to reach its potential.

Mads Faurholt is a successful serial entrepreneur, bestselling author and keynote speaker, having founded and run companies across various sectors including technology, financial services, marketing, HR, food and education, with thousands of employees, and done several exits at valuations of up to over hundreds of million USD. Mads is a former Management Consultant at McKinsey & Company, and received his bachelor from Copenhagen Business School and his MBA from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at https://www.ted.com/tedx

Webinar on latest data related trends in the financial services industry

In this #webinar, industry leaders, domain and technology experts share latest trends in Data & Analytics across Financial Services firms globally, and how FI customers are investing in strategic data management platforms for insights.

Standard Chartered, SAP, and #TCS collaborated to develop a next-generation #data & analytics architecture for solving business problems in the #finance domain.

Webinar – MSc&T Economics, Data Analytics and Corporate Finance

The Economics, Data Analytics and Corporate Finance Master of Science and Technology is a two-year course taught entirely in English. It provides students with essential skills for strategic decision-making in the corporate world.

During this webinar, Marie-Laure Allain – the Director of the program – presents the different courses, objectives, outlets, prerequisites needed to apply as well as the application process.

Know more about the program: https://programmes.polytechnique.edu/en/master-all-msct-programs/economics-data-analytics-and-corporate-finance/economics-data-analytics

Webinar: Real Talk on Financial Services: Best Practices for Creating a Data-Driven Cloud Strategy

So why hasn’t everyone already moved to the Cloud?

Why hasn’t everyone already transformed into a data-driven organization? What obstacles are standing the way? How should organizations get started on their journey?

Let’s talk! In this webcast, Maged Shehata, Solution Engineer at Snowflake Computing, will share strategies that businesses across retail banking, investment banking, and insurance can follow to remove obstacles and launch a successful journey to the cloud.